Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey just got an e-mail about another site that host Beach Volleyball Tournaments in South Florida. It's called

and they are actually having an tournament on Hollywood Beach, Florida for those getting ready for the season. This tournament is on a TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY April 13-14

~MEN play on Tuesday April 13: $1500 prize money guaranteed for the men

~WOMEN play on Wed. April 14: $520 guaranteed for the women, prize money will go up $100 for every team until we match the men’s purse

It's a Pro Tour Preview, all the Top players will be warming up for the AVP Season Opener. You definitly dont wanna miss out on this chance to play with the pros.If you cannot play be sure to come watch. The playing level should be very strong and very entertaining.

They are also offering AA and A/B divisions!
Registration Closes (Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 3:00 PM)!
Remember, THIS TOURNAMENT IS OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS and is a good way to warm up for the AVP Ft Lauderdale Tournament on April 16-18

Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hey sorry I havent been posting, I got really busy finishing my last season of college Volleyball Which we placed 4th in the conference!!! WooHoo... I also have been trying to finish school hopefully if all goes well I will be graduating in May 2010! Wish me luck! The 2010 Beach Volleyball season has started there are many new and exciting tournaments to attend so make sure your ready to compete. Plus the florida weather is about to make a drastic change so be sure to put on your sunblock, drink lots of water, and keep in the shade when not playing! I'm excited to be back and cant wait to hit the courts... Hope to see you out there!!!



May 1-2
Fort Lauderdale

May 15-16
Corona Light Wide Open Fort Lauderdale

May 29-30

June 19-20
Corona Light Wide Open Siesta Key

July 17-18
Deerfield Beach

August 14-15
Hollywood Beach

August 28-29
Fort Lauderdale


March 13-14 Fort Lauderdale Open
April 10-11 Fort Lauderdale
May 22-23 Siesta Key
June 5-6 Fort Myers
June 12-13 Fort Lauderdale
June 26-27 Clearwater Beach
July 10-11 Siesta Key
July 24-25 Fort Lauderdale The USAV–Florida Regional Championships
August 7-8 East Coast Beach Nationals (TBD)
September 11-12 National Championships Miami Beach

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach Volleyball Comes to a College Near You!!!

As of April 21, 2009 Beach Volleyball will officially be coming to Universities around the US. Division II schools have already approved beach volleyball as a new sport they were just waiting for the Division I schools and it has been finalized. Around the year of 2010-2011 beach volleyball as we all know and love it will be an official sport of the NCAA and will be called "Sand Volleyball." Girls wont be in there little yellow polka-dot bikini's, but will be in sport bra's and spandex, to still give it a beach volleyball feel.

In-door Volleyball is the No. 2 women's sport in the NCAA and beach volleyball and just rising to the top world wide. I'm really excited that they considered beach volleyball as a NCAA sport but wish they made this decision sooner so I got a chance to play it. This is going to make competition's tougher and the beach volleyball world a whole lot bigger. Cant wait to see how everything goes and who knows maybe I'll play one year in Grad-school...

Monday, June 15, 2009

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Okay so i played in the Beach Volleyball Tournament today in beautiful Hollywood, Florida which happen to be one of the most gorgeous days in a long time. It was so hot out that the sand was burning my feet. So I remember reading about sand socks and saw everyone wearing them. At first I was hesitant to get them because i was afraid it would be a weird feeling to play on the sand with socks, and was afraid it would affect my performance. After playing a game I realized the sand is not getting any cooler so I ran over to buy some of these cool sand socks for myself and yes I really did run. They were a little out of my price range, $20 bucks for a pair of socks that's a lot of money but I bought them anyways. Best $20 investment I ever made.

These sand socks made from Vincere, kept my feet sand free, cool, and best of all there water proof. The soles are made of neoprene which protects against the heat, cold, shard objects, and dirt. The rest of the socks are made from Lycra a stretchy material that allows flexability, and your feet to breath during play. These Socks are so cool not only are they made for the sand but you can wear them boating, surfing, sking, and diving. If your a Beach volleyball player and you dont have a pair of sand socks you need to get them right now! You can click on the link above and it will take you to a sight that you can purchase a pair in your size and choose from 6 different colors and patterns.